Shetland Isles

Shetland Council needed to play its part in meeting ambitious Scottish government targets for lowering fuel emissions. At the same time, they were keen to introduce a fuel management system that would give them a clear view of their fleet’s performance so that they could make adjustments to journey planning and the vehicles allocated to them.

Triscan products used

Bespoke vehicle telematics solution incorporating:

Apollo PC
Triscan Telematics

The Shetland Islands may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to carbon reduction. However Shetland Council is playing its part within the Fleet Management Unit which manages over 300 vehicles.


The Scottish Climate Bill outlines the framework to achieving an 80% reduction of emissions by 2050. With only 22,000 residents, the Islands have comparably low CO2 emissions as a region. However the level per head of population calculation shows a higher than average figure. This is why, amongst other factors such as volatile fuel prices and constraints on funding, Shetland is striving to make a contribution to national targets.

The Unit’s key goals are

to reduce fuel consumption by 5% year on year for the next four years,
to analyse the utilisation of the council’s fleet
to provide visibility of actual vehicle performance
Triscan’s Fuel Monitoring Solution

Shetland Council enlisted Triscan to help devise fuelling solutions. We go beyond simply recording and measuring what has gone into a vehicle’s tank. Our focus is on fuel management – reconciling basic tank and fuel delivery information with specific vehicle and driver details and reporting on the exceptional mpg results. As such Apollo PC Fuel Management Hardware was installed to monitor fuel delivered, this was linked to Odyssey which analyses fuel usage and then integrated with our telematics solution.

Working with Triscan Telematics

Exceptional results can only be corrected if they are acted upon and this is where the latest advances in technology can be harnessed. Triscan fuel management software, Triscan Telematics identifies areas where driver and vehicle performance can be improved.

By identifying key deliverables, Triscan Telematics provides a dashboard that can be configured to report simple measurement criteria – vehicle data such as idling time, road speed, mileage and utilisation, CO2 emissions and vehicle location. All of this information is provided clearly without the need for manual data entry or multiple spreadsheet analysis.

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