Triscan Kiss Key & OBD fuel access control devices


A unique vehicle based system consisting of a Fuel Island Controller, Fuel Access Device, and an On-Board Processor which automatically picks up information relating to a vehicle’s movements.


Product Overview

The Kisskey™ is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel.

Each vehicle is fitted with an On Board Device (OBD) which identifies the vehicle and automatically captures its odometer reading. When refuelling, drivers touch the KisskeyTM firstly onto the vehicle’s OBD and then onto the fuel management system. The system instantly identifies the driver and the vehicle, enabling the pump to deliver the appropriate fuel product. This creates a clean, accurate data log.

Each transaction typically consists of:

  • Mileage / hours run
  • Date
  • Time
  • Product
  • Quantity (L)
  • Vehicle ID

Optional data that can be recorded:

  • Driver ID
  • Unchecked data

The information on the KisskeyTM becomes invalid after a short period of time (usually 20 seconds) thus reducing the likelihood of a user touching it on one vehicle and then fuelling another. On completion of fuelling, each transaction is stored within the fuel management system until downloaded to Triscan’s fuel management software, Odyssey WorldTM. Odyssey World™ downloads the data to a secure central fuel management database and users can access exactly what they need, depending on individual custom user configuration.

Implement a truly automated fuel management system…

Key features:

  • Eliminates the need to manually input data
  • Records all fuelling transactions via Triscan’s OdysseyTM software
  • Enables driver or fueller, vehicle and odometer data capture
  • Option to record either the odometer reading or the number of hours run
  • Installed inside or outside the vehicle
KisskeyOBD Directions
KisskeyOBD Data Capture KisskeyOBD Fuelling KisskeyOBD Odyssey


The OBD is fully programmable using a handheld programmer and can be reprogrammed to change fuelling parameters if the unit is to be moved to another vehicle. During data pick-up, a green LED shows successful transfer of data from the OBD to the Kisskey™.

To prevent any ‘cheating’ of the system, a timeout period can be set. This restricts the time allowed between data pick-up on the vehicle and data download at the FIC. If the period is exceeded, data pick-up must be carried out again. The OBD is ergonomically designed for external fitting to vehicles if required.

Quality Assured
Kisskey™ is manufactured to recognised quality standards including ISO9002. It also meets generic EMC approvals 89/336/EEC (CE) and automotive EMC type approvals 95/54/EC (E).

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