The Real-Time upgrade for your legacy Triscan System.

  • Minimise Downtime
  • Real time results
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Product Overview

Product Overview

Specifically designed to help you migrate to our latest, web-based, real-time software application, Odyssey WorldTM.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our product offering and make things easier for you. That’s why we’re writing to let you know that we’ve invested our resources into developing the ApolloR2, a low-cost upgrade to your existing fuel management system.

Through a simple door swap, we can transform your current Optima PC or Apollo PC into a fully functional, stainless steel system with an inbuilt access reader, full alphanumeric keypad and Apollo 2 electronics – effectively allowing it to work in real-time with Odyssey WorldTM. The current power supply and mains connections are retained, and the new door frame simply plugs into the existing housing. In some cases, the upgrade can take as little as 15 minutes!

Benefits of upgrading to the ApolloR2 and Odyssey WorldTM software…

  • Data is visible anytime and from anywhere
    upon accessing the internet
    Gives the user a central reporting view of all
    depots, vehicles and drivers.
  • Custom designed user interface
    Graphical representation of data
    to assist in interpretation of vehicle
    performance and MPG.
  • Real-time enabled
    Ability to view live stock information via tank
    gauges whenever required.
  • Scalability and integration
    Software is updated automatically –
    including all new features and security updates.
  • Improved reporting capability
    Ability to schedule a wide range of reports, and
    automatically email to users.
  • Highly secure platform
    Hosted by Rackspace (who’s customers include
    Vodafone, ITV, Samsung and government authorities.

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